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Website Analysis

In-depth analysis of your website to find SEO errors and optimization opportunities.

What We Analyze

One of the most important steps before onboarding a client is website analysis. Although our SEO team conducts analysis during the campaign as well, but initial analysis holds significant importance for a number of reasons:

  • To discover if the website has a Google penalty
  • To decide whether to use the existing domain or register a new one
  • To analyze if there was previous SEO work done on the website

There are numerous methods to conduct website analysis. Some require the use of tools, while others can be done using simple Google search operators.

We are quite sensitive about every step in the entire campaign in order to make the process as smooth as possible. So, what exactly is included inside Website Analysis?

Core Features


Is the website even appearing in Google’s index? In simple words, when you type the website name in Google’s search bar, do you see the site appearing in the results? If not, then chances are the website is not indexed. If that’s the case, we add the website in Google Search Console and make few tweaks to see if the site is worth our future SEO efforts.

Domain Extension

Is the website targeting international audience (.com) or has a specific extension (like .com.pk)? We carefully analyze your goals and see which domain extension should be used for optimal SEO. If you want to rank your website and get US traffic, then .com is the best extension to use. If you’re targeting a specific country, then it’s best to move forward with a geo-specific extension.

Domain Age

With more age comes more experience. This holds true in the SEO world. A newly registered domain is going to have different results as compared to 5-year-old domains. We use some specific tools to calculate your domain age to map out the timeline for SEO results.

Website Speed

Your website loading time carries a lot of weight in the eyes of search engines. The ultimate goal of search engines is to satisfy their users. By providing a great user experience on your website, you’ll make the incoming users happy, and as a result, you’ll be rewarded by search engines. You don’t really have to break your bank when choosing a hosting provider. If your website is loading in 2-3 seconds, then you’re good to go! Our SEO team analyzes your website and presents a web report of your site’s metrics.

Onsite Optimization

With the help of various SEO tools and software, we analyze your complete website to discover potential errors such as missing headings, titles, keyword placement and so on. This initial analysis allows us to optimize your website effortlessly during the process of onsite optimization. In our analysis, we try to find broken links to replace them with new ones and find opportunities for internal linking and outbound links (to other websites).