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Keyword Research

Locating specific terms for your website to increase traffic

Keyword Research Process

Words typed into Google’s search bar are known as keywords. It’s all how it began and the only reason why search engines even existed in the first place. You have questions and problems in your mind and eagerly need the solution, that’s why you head to Google. You can call Google as a ‘solution’ provider (and other search engines too).

The process of finding relevant keywords for a specific website is called keyword research. Individuals & companies put so much emphasis on website design, functionality and graphics. While this carries some weight, but your website is only as good as the traffic that sees the design and graphics you’ve invested in.

Let’s say you open a bakery shop in your neighborhood. You’ve cupcakes, pastries, bread and so on. Do you want people (traffic) visiting to ask about stock investment or buy cupcakes from you? I hope you chose the latter.

Driving relevant traffic to your website can be done by selecting terms that people are searching about your specific business or service. So, if you sell t-shirts, our job is to locate keywords related to t-shirts and then rank your website on those keywords. This allows you to increase your sales. We do simple things for keyword research:


  • Research your competitors
  • Research your products / services
  • Analyze the competition

The Process


Research Your Competitors

The best way to locate winning keywords is by analyzing your top competitors. If you sell t-shirts, most likely you’re going to have some competitors doing the same thing. So, what we do is that we deeply analyze your competitors and see which keywords they’re getting traffic from. This allows us to get access to real-world data and something we can depend on. In most cases, we get enough keywords to start our work from top 3 competitors!

Research Your Products/Services

Another way to do keyword research is by researching your products and/or services. We can check whether your specific product or service has market demand, and how many people are searching for it on monthly basis. This allows us to make some guesses based on data. If people are searching for whatever you have to sell, then it’s worth to do SEO efforts on your website.

Competition Analysis

Keywords are only as good as their competition. It wouldn’t be wise to select broad keywords such as “tshirt” unless you are a multi-million-dollar brand trying to get traffic from every single keyword. Ideally, we target keywords with low to medium competition, so you don’t have to break your bank while doing SEO. The art of keyword research is all about finding relevant & low competition keywords where you have the chance of ranking.


♥ of SEO

Competition analysis can be done by checking the top-ranking websites and dissecting their metrics. An example of a high competition keyword would be “credit card” or “weight loss” as you will find huge brands on these keywords. The heart of SEO is indeed keyword research and to reduce costs for an SEO campaign, filtering high competition keywords is an important activity. Our team ensures that we use low-competition and “buyer” keywords for your campaign.