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Content Strategy

Developing a long-term content strategy for #1 rankings!

Content Strategy redefined

Developing a content strategy is the heart and soul of SEO. Without it, it’s impossible to get top rankings. So, what exactly is content strategy? It’s a defined plan to publish content on your website based on the keywords we pick from our initial research.

Although there are different reasons to develop a solid content strategy, but most importantly it should be done to help your audience. You are in business to solve people’s problems, and you want to make sure that you address those concerns in your website content.

Secondly, content must be developed according to the keywords. It’s effortless to see what the people are searching for, which can give us a pool of ideas for content creation. Less but high-quality content is preferred as compared to hundreds of pages with little to no value. It’s even better to have lots of high-quality content as this is what readers are looking for, and search engines too.

So, you might be wondering, how do we develop a solid content strategy? Well, this is what our process looks like:

How We Develop Content

Market Research

The first step in developing a content strategy is doing market research of your business. What are people’s challenges? How are your products/services helping them? So, by collecting a list of problems, we can turn them into content. The more we analyze market’s problems, the better. An easy way to find out what problems people are having is just to observe the keywords they’re typing. This gives us real-world data about people’s concerns and questions.

Keyword Selection

Once we’ve completed the research phase, it’s time to select the relevant keywords (or problems) and turn them into content ideas. Not every keyword can be used on your website, so our team carefully filters out according to your specific business and products/services.

Content Writing

This is where the actual writing starts based on the keywords. From the research, it can turn into dozens of pages on your website depending on our content requirements. Random content writing is of no use, but due to our unique process, websites get rewarded by Google as we address the problems of traffic coming from search.