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Well, there are many aspects of an SEO campaign and it’s unique for every website. A plumber in a city A will have a different SEO strategy than a doctor in city B but to get a rough idea, these are some of the things included in our campaign!

Website Analysis

Before onboarding a client, we ensure that the website is NOT penalized by search engines. In the case that the site is penalized, we suggest our clients to buy a new domain so that our SEO activities are not wasted. For websites without penalties, we dive deep into them to pull out existing keywords in order to understand the business better.

Keyword Research

One of the most significant part of SEO campaign is known as keyword research. It’s the make-or-break point of the entire campaign. Think of like jumping into a physical business without checking the competition, market demand and profitability – it would not be a smart move, right? Similarly, in the world of SEO, keyword research is used to find winning keywords which allows us to generate business on your website.

Content Strategy

The purpose of finding the right keywords is to basically develop website content that is optimized both for users and search engines. In order to rank better in search engines, content must obey some specific rules. You know the best about your business, so we rely on you to provide us the content, and then we optimize it from a technical point of view.

Link Building

In our years of experience, we have experimented a lot with backlinks and we can safely conclude that the success of an SEO campaign is dependent on link building. However, we ensure that the backlinks we build are relevant, safe and genuine. We don’t believe in shady techniques for short-term gains. Our link building efforts are done keeping in mind future Google algorithm updates.

Rank Tracking

We provide monthly rank tracking reports to our clients so they can measure the success of their campaign. They get access to ups and downs of the main keywords targeted on their website.

Monthly Support

In-depth campaign reports are provided to our clients on a monthly basis. This includes rank tracking, website health, backlink profile and traffic reports.

Boost Your Online Presence

SEO allows you to boost your online presence by getting your website ranked on relevant keywords. People are using search engines on a daily basis to buy products and services. If your website is not visible on those terms, then you are losing sales!

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Big companies like Walmart, Apple, Microsoft use the strategies of SEO to increase their brand awareness. The good news is that you can do the same and build your brand. When your website appears on popular terms in your industry, people start noticing your brand.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on print, TV and billboard ads to generate business. On the other hand, SEO is an extremely cost-effective way for your company to get your ideal customers without breaking your advertising budget.

Highly Targeted Traffic

When you rent a billboard spot, you’re basically targeting anyone and everyone. Sure, you’ll get some phone calls and customers, but you’re not really sure whether they want your product or service. In the case of SEO, you are targeting only those people who have shown interest for your products & services, which can help in making easy sales.


SEOTALHA is one of the leading SEO agencies in Pakistan with over 6 years of solid experience. It was established to provide results-based SEO services to its clients. Companies and individuals are sick and tired of SEO providers who simply can’t deliver what they promise – SEOTALHA is here to change that. How do we separate ourselves from the pack? We provide case studies of our successful clients so you can have full confidence in our services.

In-house SEO

We take pride in doing inhouse SEO work. We don’t outsource your project to any 3rd party but rather everything is done by our own team which makes our pricing quite affordable and results much faster.

Success Record

We’ve a long history of working with SEO clients and delivering on what we promise. As an SEO company, our job is to get you top ranking spots, so you can generate traffic (like calls, contact submissions) etc.

Amazing Support

Unlike other SEO companies who only provide monthly reports, we stay in touch with our clients on weekly (and even daily) basis, so they’re up-to-dated with their progress and aligned with their search traffic goals.


SEOTALHA offers some of the most reasonable SEO packages in the market. We’ve kept affordability of our clients in mind, so they don’t break their bank. We’ve also committed to uphold best standards in the SEO industry.

Updated Strategies

Our SEO team keeps themselves up-to-dated with the latest optimization strategies to stay ahead from the pack. We ensure that all the websites are optimized keeping in view future Google algorithm updates.

Simple Process

We like to keep things simple in our company. Clients are not confused with SEO jargon (technical terms) and the whole SEO process is explained in simple words. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate path to achieving results in SEO.

"The importance of SEO in 2019 is more critical than ever, as users are relying more on organic search results as compared to advertisements."

– Talha, Founder of SEOTalha.com